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The Torah Works Torah Collage

Welcome to website and online ordering center. The Torah Works produces top-quality, handcrafted products for storing and utilizing of the Torah. Each product is meticulously produced by Roland Denlinger who adheres to the strictest of rules while creating The Torah Works products.  It takes hours and hours to create these products as they are of the best quality available. The obvious detail and time spent shows the importance The Torah Works sees in creating quality products for its customers.

The Torah itself is Hebrew and English with Strong's concordance numbers above each word. Printed with the permission of the copyright holder.

We use cherry and birch wood in our products. We stain all of the scroll parts with a deep cherry color, sealed with two coats of sanding sealer than a finish coat with conversion varnish. The scroll and table can be disassembled for any reason if need be.

About Us

torah works owner head shot The Torah Works is owned and operated by Roland Denlinger. Roland creates all of The Torah Works product from hand while adhering to the strict requirements for creating quality Torah Cabinets, Stands, and Scrolls. All The Torah Works products are constructed in West Alexandria, OH.
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